/ Year three / Summer Brief: Kino4

KINO4 Live Brief
KINO4 is to be the new weekly screen club of classic ‘Arthouse’ films, animations and cultural documentaries, run internally for the course.

A logo identity is required for Kino4’ and a poster for the first few films 

Produce either or both

1. A body of experiments in any media and final Poster designs for one or more of Octobers featured films

2. An identity for Kino4

* This work will be pinned up in the new studio and discussed on the first week back

 October films ( see the blog for more details ) 

‘Good night and Good Luck’ Directed by G.Clooney 
‘The Corporation’ Directed by Jennifer Abbott and Mark Achbar 
‘IF’ Directed by Lindsey Anderson

The Andrei Tarkovsky season’


 Since i hadn't seen many of the films that were listed i decided to focus on creating a logo design that would be fitting for most 'Arthouse' films, rather than watching the films and spoiling my experience of Kino4 to get posters that would fit the individual films.

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