/ Year two / Lecture: Matt Pyke

Matt gave us a very interesting lecture in which he showed a selection of his works to-date and talked about his working process.

Based in a log cabin studio in Sheffield, Matt Pyke is a painter / photographer / artist / curator / designer / animator / director / producer / lecturer and is the only full time designer of the company he formed in 2004, Universal Everything. Pyke brings together other designers / Programmers / musicians and artists to collaborate and utilize their specialist skills to bring his initial ideas to life. Matt’s work is very unique and inspirational. A lot of his work is created using programming to set parameters, then some kind of input such as motion or sound will trigger the Designs to self generate, making them unique every time.

Before the lecture I was selected to attend a Q&A session with Matt. This enabled me to ask a lot of questions in a more informal environment. He seemed like a really nice guy and showed me that any idea can be created no matter how ambitious and if you don’t have the skills to create it yourself, you can find people to collaborate with who do have the skills to help you realize it. I have followed Matt Pyke for quite some time and was honoured to have the chance to meet him.

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