/ Year one / Intoduction exercise

In the first week of the course we were asked to partake in an exercise to break the ice and to help us get to know some of the other course members.

For this exercise we were given a partner and asked to create a piece of design that shows that persons characteristics.

My Partner was Nia Banwell. The first thing that we did was sit down and “interview” each other asking questions about their life to find out their interests, likes and dislikes. After doing this we decided that rather than creating individual pieces about each other that we would collaborate to make one piece that shows both our characteristics together.

The idea we came up with was to make a creative record for each of us playing on the idea of making them look like criminal records.

 I enjoyed this exercise although we didn’t end up quite finishing the piece. The exercise helped me to get to know more people on the course and I feel the atmosphere was more relaxed afterwards making it easier to get stuck in with the projects.

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