/ Year one / Project: Advertising

Our first task in this project was to collect an advert we thought was good, and advert we thought was bad and one that worked on us.

After we had some sessions looking at these adverts and why they were good/bad ect, we moved on to our brief. Our task was to take one of the ads that we thought was bad and redesign it to make it better.

This was a group project, I was in a group with Adam Brandon and Jack Boutlon. The advert we chose was one for Coca-cola trying to advertise their new bottle size. After trying many designs we decided to go for an advert that relies mainly on copy rather than imagery. Using innuendos but trying not to be too offensive we came up with the tag line “Size Matters.” I am not able to show the final concept for this project because it was stolen.

I enjoyed this project and was very pleased with how it went. Working in a group was a fairly new experience for me so I think the main thing I got out of it is improving my team work skills.

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