/ Year two / Project: Sound and Vision [Part 2]

My original idea for mapping out the song “Born slippy” was to use something that captured my interpretation of the song in a simple way, looking back at my original thoughts on the song in my sketchbook I thought the words that captured my interpretations best were “dance” and “glow stick”. Using these words I came up with the idea of mapping out myself dancing to the song using light. I achieved this effect by using an LED torch and the long exposure setting on my camera. I displayed the images as a sequence and I also added the word “Boy” written in light because it is a word repeated constantly throughout the song.


Whilst I was working on my response for “Born slippy” I also experimented with an idea I had for “Punk Rock” by Mogwai. The concept behind this idea was fairly simple, I wanted to experiment with typography so I used the lyrics from the song and created an animation in which the type appears in sync with the lyrics. I enjoyed creating this animation and working to get the timing right. I think if I had spent more time developing the animation and adding some interesting effects such as camera movements, this would have been a more interesting response to the brief.
Punk Rock from SapB on Vimeo.

Having been ill for the majority of this project I am not surprised by the low mark I received. A lot more research and development are required to create an informed response. I still enjoyed the project and gained experience from it, I learned that with my style of working it is defiantly more effective to write my notes on the computer. I learned that sometimes it is necessary to abandon an idea, even after working on it for sometime to allow me to pursue more interesting concepts. I improved my skills of interpretation and learned that even the simplest ideas can be interpreted in many different ways.

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