/ Year two / Project: Sound and Vision [Part 1]

My second project was split into two parts, for part one I was asked to choose one piece of music from a list and make a visual response to it. The format for this response was left open for me to decide. For part two the brief was to make a map of the piece of music I had chosen for part one. Again there was no specific format. The aim of this project was to question my perceptions about music graphics.

For this part of the brief I chose the song Born slippy by underworld. To illustrate the song I chose to create a short animation loop in flash using type. I chose to create the type myself using simple squares with a three dimensional effect. I then animated the squares appearing and disappearing from the frame. The Idea of this animation was to make the type have a “fluid” style, even though it was built up of geometric shapes, I hoped the type would have a “Slippy” feel to it. I am quite happy with the effect, but I think that overall my response needed more depth; on reflection I would experiment more with colour and making the squares appear from multiple directions. I think that the background is something I overlooked. I originally thought that it having any detail would detract from the type, now its clear that I could have made it more interesting with my choice of background. Mixing video footage and the animation could have been a nice effect.

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