/ Year two / Project: Competition Brief

The Brief I chose to attempt for this competition brief was one for Becks Fusions. I worked together with my flatmate Belle Stevens to come up with our concept and create it.

This is probably the project I have enjoyed working on most this term. Belle and I didn’t actually decide to work together on this brief until quite late on, I was originally working on a concept for the 3 minutes brief but after we were both struggling to come up with anything exciting we decided to team up. Our concept came from the idea that Becks initiates creativity. We drew up some ideas, firstly involving some shot glasses that would fill up and empty in time with music to act like an equaliser. We then moved onto an idea involving the passage of time and how Becks breeds’ creativity in people, this involved me sitting on a ledge for a time-lapse sequence with the Manchester cityscape in the background. I would be moving small amounts at a time to give a stop frame effect to my movements. I would have then added multiple elements to the sequence in After Effects. While we began working on this idea with time-lapse and stop frame in mind when we had another idea that we both felt fitted the brief more effectively. This idea was to have a time lapse of an urban but green area, then a group of friends would start having a BBQ all still in time lapse, until someone accidentally knocks over a bottle of Becks. What spills out of the bottle is not beer though… it is lots of bright coloured summery objects and music related items, a metaphor for creativity and what Becks Fusions is all about.

We are very pleased with how the final animation / time-lapse worked out. I feel Belle and myself made a good team as we have different skills that we both utilised to complete this brief

Becks Fusions from SapB on Vimeo.

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