/ Year two / Project: Team Presentation

For this project we were put into groups of six and given a list of competition briefs to choose from. The Brief we ended up choosing was one for Kleenex tissues, the aim of the brief was to make Kleenex tissues more appealing to men aged 15-29.

I enjoyed working in a group, as we were able to bounce off each other’s ideas and come up with many concepts fairly quickly. Working with the people in my group was not difficult, however I do think group work is more efficient when the people involved have chosen whom they will work with. The Final concept we decided to present was for a light-hearted set of TV adverts using the tag line “There are loads of uses for Kleenex, this isn’t one of them.” The idea being that the ad would start fairly normally and then a person would pull out a Kleenex tissue and do something totally ridiculous with it, all the while acting completely un fazed. Then the Tag line would be said at the end making sense of what went on before.

As a group I think we were all pleased with our final concept and our presentation seemed to go well. Our slides for the presentation could have been better; the edition of some colour and some closer views would have made it more appealing. I also created a short stop-frame animation for this project, involving a tissue with a mind of is own, finding is way back to the box. In hindsight, this was not really relevant to our final concept but as it had already been crated it seemed a shame not to show it.


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