/ Year two / Project: Book Covers

This Brief was to design a series of covers for at least 4 books from a list of book sets provided. We were to consider the relationship between content and audience, and begin to work in a more self-directed manner.

I found this project to be quite challenging, mainly because all of the books in the sets have very strong visual ties and it is hard to avoid these clich├ęs, but also because I am not a huge fan of reading and many of the books are still on my “to read” list. For the concept behind my design I chose three colours for each book inspired by their narrative. I then used acrylic paints to create unique abstract paintings for each cover. From studying the other book cover designs on the market I noticed that they often use the book title as the main element. At first this seems like an obvious design choice but I think that it is not all that necessary. When books are as iconic and well known as the ones listed, I believe that people who are familiar with the books will recognize them from the quotes I have used, those who are not familiar or have pre-conceptions about that title will be intrigued and pick up the book off the shelf and find the title on the spine.

I am pleased with how my book cover deigns turned out. I think they work well as a set and I like how individuals will interoperate the abstract paintings in different ways.

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