/ Year two / Project: Police Campaign

For this first project back after Christmas, A live brief was set by the Greater Manchester Police to re-invent their campaign to reduce crime against students.

For this project Adam Brandon, Jack Boulton and myself decided to group together to come up with an interesting concept as we have worked well together in the past. We began by generating concepts that we thought would capture out attention, as we are part of the target audience. Our concept centred around the fact that most robbery’s are committed by opportunist criminals when students give them an easy access route to their property, e.g. an open window or a door not being locked. We decided that a moving image piece would be a better way to capture students attention as it could be distributed on and around popular video sharing and networking websites. The idea behind our motion piece was that a students belongings in their flat/home are given labels of their worth in price and sentiment, then as the student pops out briefly, (i.e. for milk) all it takes is those few minutes for all of their valuables to be gone.

I was fairly happy with our final concept and I think it would genuinely work as a campaign aimed at students. However I think the way we have presented out idea does not fully show its potential.

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