/ Year one / Project: Competition

For the competition project we were given a choice of three different briefs, One from YCN for a Sainsbury’s bag design, one for D&AD for a Water Advert and one for a Youth magazine. The one I chose was the Sainsbury’s bag design brief.

To start with in this project I did a lot of research into Sainsbury’s and other Bags for life that are currently on the market. I struggled with this project to begin with because it is an area that I am unfamiliar with and it is not something I would usually have much interest in. After Doing all my research in to environmental issues and looking at endless amounts of reusable bags, I started to come up with designs.  My designs to begin with were all quite cliche because I thought that if I got all the cliche ideas out of my head I would be able to move on to more interesting designs. Even after doing this I still struggled to avoid cliche and have an interesting design.
This was when I decided to focus on a design that uses Typography rather than images  and I decided that I would like to make a bag that I would be happy to use on a regular basis. I came up with  a play on words using “refuse” and its two different meanings.

Final Board

Although at times in this project I struggled to get motivation and come up with designs that I was confident in, I am very pleased that I managed to overcome these problems.

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