/ Year one / Project: Narrative Sequence Design

To begin this project we did a short  week-long project to give us a feel for title sequence design. The week-long project was titled “A day in the life of an hour”. We were asked to go out and take around 20 photographs over an hour to show a typical event in our day. We were then shown how to make this sequence of images into a cute little book.

The first thing I was asked to do for the main project was to find a photograph that we could use to write a short story. I wrote my short story about a young boy lost on his own in a war zone. Looking back I wish I had written it about something more light hearted because I could have had more fun designing my title sequence.

As well as the 20 frame board we were asked to put together for this project, I decided to have a go at making a moving image version using skills I have learned from previous courses. I am fairly pleased with the final piece and enjoyed this project.

Some Sketchbook stuff.

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